You Really CAN Prepare Your Own Whole Food for Less

I am often asked why I prepare my own food instead of driving through fast food, ordering delivery (like Uber Eats or Grub Hub), or using the supermarket online order delivery or pick up services.

The only truly free online /pick up service in my area is Walmart. Other pick-ups charge a fee. There is usually a minimum order amount of at least $30. When you factor in gas and time it gets expensive.

I like to make my own food from whole ingredients. In my last article I talked about preservatives in food and their potential to interfere with digestion.

I haven’t bought mayonnaise in 3 years. I can make my own from 5 whole ingredients in under a minute. No shelf life extenders, no preservatives, or ingredients I cannot pronounce. I control the quality.

Did you know that many packaged pre-prepped salads and vegetables are “washed” in solutions to preserve their freshness? I can cube a sweet potato in under a minute, or shred or chop salad ingredients in under 5 minutes.

I just saw an ad recently saying that Arby’s was going to offer Medieval-style Smoked Turkey Legs. At first I thought “awesome” until I found out they added brown sugar. There is a lot of hidden sugars in prepared fast food and restaurant food.
Bottom line: If you stop and think, with a little bit of organization you can save time and money by prepping your own whole ingredients, controlling what goes into your recipes.

My Basic Mayonnaise:

What you need:
Pint size mason jar
Stick blender
1 cup oil (you can use canola or olive or light (mild flavored) olive or a combination)
1 egg
1 1/2 tablespoons fresh squeezed lemon juice
1-2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
1/2 teaspoon salt

What you do:
Put oil in mason jar
Add egg, lemon juice, salt and mustard.
Place stick blender in jar so the blade is at the bottom of the jar. Turn on blender and slowly pull up watching the mayonnaise form as you pull it to the top.
Cover and store in refrigerator.

It’s that simple. You can add garlic, basil, cilantro or other herbs or spices, sriracha etc.

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