White Paper: Getting The Most From FormulaZone

FormulaZone. Whether you are seeking to lose fat, gain muscle, or continue your journey with the Zone Diet, a nutrition program that you know is right, we are here to help.

Are you getting all you can from FormulaZone? There are many tools that are here to help you. The more that you use, the greater your chances of success. This White Paper discusses how to use FormulaZone to your maximum benefit.

Step 1: Profile. Your Profile is the key. After you join, and again at least once a month, set up your Profile with your current information, and adjust your goal as necessary. Why is the Profile important? Because it tells you exactly how much you should eat each day to meet your goal. And even more important, it tells FormulaZone how to customize each recipe for your needs.

Step 2: Preferences. This goes hand-in-hand with the Profile. While the Profile figures your calories per day, the Preferences figure your calories per meal. It helps you understand how you are going to eat. Do you eat many snacks a day? Or do you stick to the three meals per day? These, and other factors help FormulaZone personalize each and every recipe for you.

Step 3: Recipes. Once you’ve set up your Profile and Preferences, it’s time to explore a bit. Browse through the list of Recipes to see what there is, and to find recipes that appeal to you. Remember the Search Options! The list is getting long- with over 700 recipes, you need a way to narrow the list. We’ve added several search options- and don’t forget about the More Search Options link. It will show you even more ways to search the list.

Step 4: Progress Log.. Because you are serious about this, you should definitely take advantage of the progress log. It allows you to track your weight-loss progress in an easy-to-see chart. Whether you are losing just a few pounds or more, you can quickly and easily see the progress that you have made – and feel good about it!

Step 5: Discussion Forum. While you may not be interested in participating in any discussions, you will find a wealth of information in the Discussion Forums. Many questions can be answered there. At the risk of repeating ourselves, don’t forget the Search Function! It’s powerful, and will help you narrow down on the information you may be looking for. And if you do want to discuss things, feel free! That’s what it’s there for!

Step 6: Fast Food. We are continually watching out for fast food items that are 40-30-30. We’ve added this section because we understand what it’s like to be on the go, and to not know what the best choices are when you need to eat in a hurry. The list has over 55 fast food meals at the most popular and available restaurants.

Step 7: Menu Planner. The Menu Planner will be your single most valuable tool for meeting your goals. Why? Because Planning your menus eliminates so many variables that often lead to eating poorly. With the menu planner, you will know what you are eating each day in advance. This helps eliminate the “what can I make?” type of questions, and the poor choices that you make when you are hungry (or starving). You can look forward to your dinner all day, and get in the mindset of having it rather than wondering what you are going to have all day and ending up caving to eating poorly.

Step 8: Shopping List. The Shopping list has been revamped to be more accurate and more useful than ever before. Why use a shopping list? Because going shopping for a whole week at a time saves you money and it saves you time. It reduces the impulse purchases that you might have if you go every day or two. It also ensures that you stick with your Menu plan, because you will be certain to have everything you need to make the meals on your menu. (This item is not a link because the shopping list is specific to your Menu).

Step 9: Packaged Meals. Packaged meals are a secret weapon against falling out of The Zone. Stock up on them- both frozen dinners, as well as the bars. This will give you something to eat when you are hungry or in a hurry without resorting to non-Zone friendly food. Stash them at home, at work, even keep some bars in your car. That way you are never without a safe, Zone-Friendly snack or meal wherever you may be.

Step 10: Meal Designer. OK, so maybe you won’t be creating any recipes of your own. After all, with over 1,100 recipes already available, you have plenty of choices. But familiarizing yourself with this screen will help you. Here you can play in a “virtual” kitchen, and start to get an idea of the various foods you enjoy and how they affect the 40-30-30 balance. It’s a great way to quickly find out how many calories and the balance level of many foods, and an excellent way to compare foods as well. Remember the Search Function! When you are having challenges finding a food, use the Search for Ingredients link. It will allow you to search the over 2000 ingredients in the FormulaZone database.

Other Tools at your Disposal.

Products. The products page is a list of recommended reading to help you gain a deeper understanding of The Zone. We highly recommend The Formula, as well as following it up with The Zone.

Dining Out. While it is merely tips, the dining out page helps you gain a basic understanding of what to watch for, and how to eat in The Zone when you are dining out.

Contests. We actually Pay You to enter your best recipes in FormulaZone. Every month we have a unique contest. First place earns $100, and second place earns $20.

Help File. Each page has a help file specifically designed to help you navigate that page, and find the information that you are looking for. With an index as well as a search feature, the Help File contains answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Search Central. Search the site, Search the Discussion Forum, Search the Help File, or Search Ingredients all from one convenient Search Tool.

Body Fat Tool. Curious as to what your body fat percentage is? Would you like to know where you fit in the averages for your age group? Want to see if you are making progress? Use the fast, easy-to-use Body Fat tool to find out!

Nutrition Label Analyzer. OK, you’ve got this favorite food, but you don’t know how it fits. Easy! Just enter the nutrition label into the Nutrition Label Analyzer, and presto! Find out the balance ratio, and the (estimated) glycemic index.

News & Articles. With new articles added regularly, we cover the topics that help you understand The Zone better. Plus, we update the News with new features, White Papers, and other resources to help you Get The Most From FormulaZone!

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