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Summer’s here! Campouts…sleepovers…backyard barbecues…. SMORES. Smores and campouts and barbeques go hand in hand. If Smores are a “gotta have it” on your menu, just keep in mind what’s in them and eat them in moderation. Here’s the scoop on Smores: Honey Grahams: Ingredients: Flour Enriched ( Wheat Flour, Niacin, Iron Reduced, Thiamine Mononitrate (Vitamin… Read the Full Article

Eggs beyond Fried and Scrambled

In the hustle of everyday life where people are drifting away from home cooked meals and kitchen savvy, people tend to forget there are eggs beyond scrambled, microwaved, and fried which can add fat to the cooking process. Without the added fat for cooking, you can incorporate other good fats into the ingredients as part… Read the Full Article

There’s Food and Then There’s Food

Let’s face it, we live in America, Land of Plenty. We have become used to convenience, and quick affordable food products. We are a busy society. But at what cost? The food industry has created and conveniently packaged, what Michael Pollan calls “food-like-substances”. They look like food, and they even taste like food, but they… Read the Full Article

Learning How to Eat Well

Our Most Common Requests Many members ask if we can add this ingredient or that ingredient, or tell us that their brand of cottage cheese is not exactly like our cottage cheese. Our ingredient database includes many generic foods to choose from. We also have added many specific foods that members have suggested. Taking the… Read the Full Article

Straight Talk About Fast Foods

What are the pros and cons of fast foods. How do they measure up to 40-30-30? Is it really worth the effort?

FDA Rules and Trans Fat Deception

That is what the package says, but what does it mean? Could it be true? You would think that if a package says zero grams of trans fats, then the food would have no trans fats in it, right? Wrong! The label above lists partially hydrogenated vegetable oil as the third ingredient! (According to FDA… Read the Full Article

The Hazards of Trans Fats

Do you eat margarine? How about hydrogenated vegetable oil (or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil)? Shortening? Packaged foods? How about fast food? You would be surprised at how much of these seemingly innocent foods you are eating – and they are bad news. They are what are known as “trans fats”. Packaged cookies, crackers, fast food… Read the Full Article

How Omega-6 Fats Fit in The Zone

Fats are an important part of the Zone diet. The question is, which fats are preferred and how much of each is recommended? This article will help dispel some of these concerns. The typical Western diet contains a ratio of 20:1 Omega-6 oils to Omega-3 oils. The ideal diet should consist of a ratio of… Read the Full Article

Sleep and The Zone Connection

Scientists still are not exactly sure what goes on during sleep, however, research is revealing that what we assume is a time of tranquil and blissful rest is anything but for the brain. Sleep is now considered a critical factor in wellness, and even survival. The body takes this time to repair and rebuild itself,… Read the Full Article

True Tales of a Diabetes Seminar

I recently had the opportunity to attend a seminar on Diabetes and the Diabetic Diet. I was amazed at the information, or I should say misinformation, that was presented. Misinformation: I learned that insulin was produced in the liver and stored in the pancreas. Reality: Insulin is produced in the pancreas, specifically in the islets… Read the Full Article