Too Busy to Cook? Zone Diet Delivery and Other Options

If you don’t have time to cook, but you do want to stay healthy, what are your choices?

Least Expensive: Packaged Meals

Plenty of packaged meals are 40-30-30. FormulaZone provides a list of 40-30-30 Balanced Packaged Meals, including Frozen Dinners that work great for lunch or dinner, as well as many Zone Lunches that don’t require any cooking. Plus, there’s tons of 40-30-30 Bars that are excellent for snacks, or for a quick lunch.

The Cost? Expect to pay from $50 to $100 per person per week eating this way. (Including breakfast and snacks).

More Expensive: Zone Meal Delivery

Get your meals delivered by a company such as Zone Diet At Home. These folks specialize in 40-30-30 balanced nutrition, and will deliver anywhere in the country.

The Cost? Expect to pay $180 – $250 per person per week for the frozen food option, or $310-$330 per person per week for the fresh food option. Includes breakfast and snacks. (The prices range depending upon how long you sign up for).

Most Expensive: Personal Chef

Hire a personal chef. There are many, available in most areas, that will cook to your liking. You can either choose from the recipes that they offer, or you can use the 40-30-30 Balanced Recipes from FormulaZone.Search for a personal chef in your area with

The Cost? You’ll spend somewhere around $225-$275 per week per person, not include breakfasts or snacks. (Does includes the cost of the groceries).

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