The Good, The Bad, and The Results (part 3)

We’ve covered what makes it easy to follow a Zone Diet in the first installment of this three part article. We discussed what many of the complaints are about trying to stay in The Zone in the second installment. In this installment we will discuss some of the real life results that FormulaZone members have experienced while following the Zone Nutrition Program with the help of FormulaZone.

Weight Loss is what most people are interested in. Well, we can attest to that- we have members who have lost anywhere from a few pounds to over 100. We receive e-mails every week in which a member shares with us “I’ve lost 29 pounds with the help of your site”, “I’ve lost 120 pounds in about 8 months”, “I have lost 40 pounds in 4 months” (actual quotes). FormulaZone got it’s start because of the incredible results our own staff experienced while following the Zone program. Can you lose weight with other diets? Absolutely. We’ve tried them. After losing weight on a calorie-restrictive diet, the first thing that happens is it comes right back. But the Zone is different.

It’s easy to stay healthy in The Zone

Keeping the weight you lost in The Zone off is a breeze. Our own staff can personally attest to this benefit as well. Some of us have been in The Zone for several years. Instead of struggling with weight fluctuations of 5, 10, or sometimes more pounds, staying in The Zone is synonymous with maintaining an even weight.

Reduction in cholesterol levels is another positive effect of eating balanced, low glycemic meals. There many documented instances of people having fantastic reductions in their cholesterol levels. Just take a look in the books, The Formula or The Zone. You will find several anecdotes in which people just like you have reduced their cholesterol after having miserable results with low fat diets. We’ve received testimonials from a couple who have been using FormulaZone, in which they say that his total cholesterol dropped from 231 to 176, and hers from 240 to 208.

Getting diabetes under control is another wonderful result. While you should consult with your doctor, we have had several people report that their diabetes is under control with the help of the Zone. We have even heard of some cases in which the person has been able to reduce or eliminate their insulin at their doctor’s suggestion after being in The Zone and experiencing the benefits.

Mood swings disappear, too. Again, we have testimonials in which virtually immediately after their first Zone meal, members have noticed the difference. One member told us that she used to be very testy right after work. She had to eat right away- she would get cranky, and her hands would start to shake. Right away after being in The Zone, these symptoms went away. She would find that she was still hungry right after work, but she was no longer feeling like she was on the edge.

The Zone helps you stay sharp

The ability to think more clearly is another reported benefit. Our own staff members will attest to the fact that they can feel it when they don’t eat in the Zone. Their mental clarity goes down, and problem-solving degrades. Specifically, we’ve heard a story where a programmer had been unable to resolve an issue, and worked on it for hours. The next day, after enjoying good low glycemic, 40-30-30 food, the answer came in only a few minutes. He said it was “like coming out of a fog.”

Plus, you’ll feel like you have increased energy. Many people who begin following the Zone report increased energy levels. This means more energy throughout the day. For some, it even means requiring less sleep.

The Zone has helped many people, with a variety of problems. It was actually developed to reduce the risk of heart disease, not as a weight-loss program. Of course, one of the most desirable benefits of eating in the Zone is the way people are able to lose weight, and feel great doing it. So many people start The Zone with the intention of losing weight, and find that they get so much more.

Do you have a testimonial you would like to share? We would be happy to consider publishing it. Let us know – email us from the Contact Us page. We welcome testimonials from members and non-members alike.

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