The Good, The Bad, and The Results

Following a Diet can be hard. In this three part article, we will discuss the Good, the Bad, and the Results of following a Zone diet. This first installment will cover The Good: what makes The Zone Diet a good diet to follow compared to other programs out there. In the next installment, we take an honest, hard look at the Bad – the downsides to following this nutrition program. And in the final installment, we present real life result for people that have been in the Zone for months or even years.

One of the most unrestrictive diets on the market

Unlike many diets, the Zone is not a calorie-restrictive diet. Sure, you need to watch your calories- but you will find you get anywhere from 10-20% more calories per day in The Zone than you do with your average diet.

You get to eat excellent food when you are in the Zone, too. There is no restricted menu- instead, you’ve got hundreds of tasty, Zone friendly recipes that you can enjoy. So many excellent meals can be tweaked just a bit to be Zone-friendly recipes.

It’s not a Fat-Free diet, either. This means you get to enjoy real cheese, real sour cream, steak, and other great tasting foods while you are eating in The Zone.

You aren’t hungry when you are in The Zone

While any diet will result in feeling hungry more often, The Zone truly is a satisfying way to eat. When you follow the Zone properly, you will find that often you get more food than you can actually eat. Plus, when you are hungry, you don’t have to feel guilty about eating. So if you have a busy day and find yourself hungry between meals, you can eat a Zone Friendly snack without any guilt.

Why is this the case? Because results are achieved differently in The Zone than with a calorie-restrictive diet. In The Zone, you control your body’s hormones with the balance of the foods that you eat. It is that hormonal balance that you achieve that causes the fat to melt away.

Losing weight is a natural result of being in The Zone. While this is the reason many people start eating this way, most people stick with it because of these other great benefits.

You will feel the difference when you eat in The Zone

There are many other benefits to eating this way- weight loss is just a byproduct. The hormonal balance that you achieve while eating in The Zone has some very nice perks.

Mood swings go away. With your body’s hormones in balance, mood swings all but vanish. If you’ve ever experienced the tension, headache, or shakes when you haven’t eaten for some time, you will appreciate this single benefit as much as any other!

Mental clarity is another Good of eating in The Zone. You will find that you are sharper and able to focus more easily. Some people experience a level of mental clarity that they have never experienced before.

You don’t feel tired after lunch or dinner. Instead of the all-too-often crash you can get right after a meal, you will find instead that you are energized and ready to go after eating a Zone friendly meal.

Endurance increases and staying power improves. Your energy levels are more consistent- rather than the peak and crash you experience after eating with many other diets, this nutrition program gives a strong, steady energy level that lasts for hours. Eat a great, low-glycemic Zone meal and you will find that you have energy for 4-5 hours, without being hungry.


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