Testers Wanted for New Copy/Edit Recipe Feature

We’ve got a new feature that is in beta, and we’d love to have a few people test it out before we release it for public use.

Have you ever seen a recipe and thought “I’d like that, but I’d really like to change a couple of things”? Or, had a recipe that you thought would be a good STARTING point for a bigger, or different meal? Until now, that has meant you would have to re-enter all the ingredients in your own recipe FIRST, then you could edit it. That’s where the new Copy feature comes in.

With this feature, you can “Copy” a recipe into your own recipes, which means you can edit it and then save it as Private (or submit it to share).

To be a beta tester, we’re looking for members who are comfortable using the copy-paste method on your computer, and who promises to give us feedback (the bad along with the good) so that we can be sure that the feature does what it is supposed to, and is easy enough to use. Interested? Send us an e-mail via the Contact Us page, with a subject line “I’d like to beta test the copy feature”

Comments, suggestions, or ideas? Let us know here – post your comments below, and we promise to read them (and respond!)

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3 Responses to Testers Wanted for New Copy/Edit Recipe Feature

  1. "Mrs. Moeller" says:

    I’m very interested, but have a couple questions first.

    How long do you *anticipate* (I realize things could change) this project lasting? A couple weeks? A couple months?

    How often would you need feedback? Specifically, would 2-3 times a week be often enough?

    Lastly, I have only an iPhone for my Internet connection. Would this be helpful to have someone test on an iPhone, or not so much?

    Thanks for your time. I thought others may have these same questions so that’s why I posted here instead of just emailing.


  2. Cale says:

    Great questions!

    The answers are:
    This project should only last another week or two, particularly if we get some good, useful feedback.

    Feedback is welcome as much, or as little as you’d like to offer it. Specifically, if you use it at all, we’d like to at least know that, and know if you have any suggestions or criticisms.

    And yes! We need iPhone testers, as well as Droid and Blackberry testers. We strive to be functional on all of those platforms – so thank you!

  3. ZoneMom says:

    I am interested in testing this feature, if it is still available.

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