Progress Log Released

So, you’re following the Zone nutrition program. Excellent! And, you’ve got your goal weight set up. Wonderful. Now wouldn’t it be nice to track your weight progress regularly to see how you are doing?

We thought you might, so we designed the Progress Log in FormulaZone. It’s simple to use – just enter the date, your weight, and any special notes, and your weight is graphed for you to see. You can even edit your entries quickly by clicking on the bar or your log entry.

The feature has been released for a few weeks now, and the kinks are worked out. Plus, we’ve made it so you can track the progress of both you and your partner! Working with a partner helps you stay on track, and being able to track your progress together will make it that much easier.

Why Track Your Progress?

It makes sense, even if you are just trying to maintain your weight. If you enter your weight once a week, along with a brief note, you will start to recognize patterns. The notes are important – they are a place for you to indicate things such as “Was very good this week”, or “Ate beer and pizza on Friday”, or “Was on vacation all week”. Other notes may be relevant for you, so enter what is meaningful to you. You may just start to see a relationship between the important events in your life and the success (or lack of it) that you are having with your weight.

Preparing to Use It

Entering your weight in the Progress Log is EASY. Here’s a short checklist to go through to determine if you are ready:

1. Set up your Profile. If your Goal Weight isn’t accurate, change it.

2. Set up your Preferences. This is where you turn on Family Style, which must be on if you want to track a Partner’s weight in FormulaZone.

That’s it! Next, just look for the button Progress Log across the top of the page, and click on it!

How to Use It

We’ve worked hard to keep it SIMPLE!

Making an Entry is as simple as:
1. Entering the date (you can make entries in the PAST and present, but not in the future).
2. Entering your weight.
3. Entering any notes (if you want!).
4. Clicking Save.

That’s it! Nothing to it, right? Wait – what if you made a mistake and want to Edit an Entry. No Problem!

Editing an Entry. Click on the entry – either the Bar in the Graph, or the entry in the list below the graph. Then, make the changes and click Save. See? Nothing to it!

Deleting an Entry is just as easy. Click on the entry, and one of the buttons that will appear is Delete. Just click it, a voila! You’re done!

Making Partner Entries is just as easy! If you have family style turned on in your preferences, you will see a drop-down box in the upper right corner of the progress log. It will allow you to select whether you want to view Your Log, Your Partner’s Log, or Both. When you are viewing Your Partner’s log, entries are automatically made to Your Partner’s log. When you are viewing both, a drop-down appears that allows you to indicate whether it is for you or your partner. Easy!

The Bottom Line

We are constantly working to improve FormulaZone. If you have an idea for a feature you think would be beneficial, drop us an e-mail. We welcome the feedback, and we will always respond! [email protected]

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