We have recently asked if we had a category for Paleo-Zone recipes, so I did some research. Paleo is short for Paleolithic which means the Hunter-Gatherer era, or basically before the advent of agriculture. If we look at the foods which the hunter-gatherers ate we would find on that list, lean game which grazed, fish and shellfish, roots, leaves of plants, nuts, berries, fruits and vegetables, and insects, and the drink of choice was water. There are still indigenous hunter-gather people living today, who are remarkably free from Western diet diseases.

The NO list for eating Paleo is starchy tubers like potatoes and sweet potatoes, grains of any kind, peanuts or cashews, legumes, processed foods, sugars, (the only kind of sweetener allowed for strict Paleo eaters is raw honey), sodas, dairy products, salt, oils made from grains or legumes.

Meats should come from grass fed animals, fish should be wild caught, and nuts should be raw.

Working the Paleo diet into the 40-30-30 parameters is quite do-able. As we add recipes to the database, look for Paleo in the title.

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