Summer’s here! Campouts…sleepovers…backyard barbecues…. SMORES. Smores and campouts and barbeques go hand in hand. If Smores are a “gotta have it” on your menu, just keep in mind what’s in them and eat them in moderation. Here’s the scoop on Smores: Honey Grahams: Ingredients: Flour Enriched ( Wheat Flour, Niacin, Iron Reduced, Thiamine Mononitrate (Vitamin… Read the Full Article

Eggs beyond Fried and Scrambled

In the hustle of everyday life where people are drifting away from home cooked meals and kitchen savvy, people tend to forget there are eggs beyond scrambled, microwaved, and fried which can add fat to the cooking process. Without the added fat for cooking, you can incorporate other good fats into the ingredients as part… Read the Full Article

Paleo and You

Simply put eating paleo is eating like our hunter/gatherer ancestors. This eliminates any processed/prepared foods, so to speak. Our ancestors ate game and fish, gathered greens and vegetables, fruits, berries, tubers and nuts. They also ate eggs. The beverage of choice was water. We are the only species on this planet that drinks milk after… Read the Full Article

Drinking Your Vegetables or Fruit?

There seems to be a new surge of marketing for V8 and other vegetable-based drinks. And while there may be worse options for a drink, generally speaking it’s a bad idea to drink your calories, and drinking your vegetables or fruit is counter-productive. Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Not Drink Your Vegetables Reason #1:… Read the Full Article

Happy New Year 2014

As the new year approaches, we count our blessings. And one of the greatest that we have is all of our wonderful members. Thank you so much for being a member of FormulaZone. To thank you, we’ve extended everyone’s membership by 3 months. If you were a member between December 20 and December 28, 2013,… Read the Full Article

Have You Ever Tried Cauliflower Rice?

Cauliflower is a low glycemic vegetable and a great alternative to rice. Here is an easy way to prepare cauliflower for rice, and a recipe to pair with some lean protein for a balanced meal. How to “rice” cauliflower: Wash and remove leaves from a head of cauliflower. Cut the cauliflower into flowerettes. Place it… Read the Full Article

Eating Vegan in the Zone

More and more people are choosing to follow a vegan lifestyle. The challenge of eating vegan 40-30-30 comes when trying to boost protein to 30%. Many vegan and vegetarian recipes fall into a carbohydrate percentage of around 60% and a lower than 30% protein percentage. There are several ways to increase protein in a vegan… Read the Full Article

Membership Extended

To celebrate the Christmas season, and to show you how much we appreciate you being a member, we have extended your membership by 3 months. You will see the additional membership listed in your account. Thank you, and we wish you the best year ever for 2013!

Christmas Gift to Our Members

On Christmas, we sent an e-mail Christmas card, and let you know about the little Christmas gift you will be receiving on December 31. On December 31, we will extend your membership by 3 months at no charge at all. (If you’re not yet a member, but you join before December 31, you too will… Read the Full Article

Refer a Friend Program Improved

We have recently revised our Refer a friend program. I’ll be honest: when we first created the referral program nearly 10 years ago, it seemed fair to pay out $5 as a “thank you” when you referred someone to FormulaZone. But now, it seems obvious that is not nearly generous enough. We want to thank… Read the Full Article