Now you can Add Your Own Ingredients!

You’ve been asking.  (And asking.  And asking!).  And we’ve FINALLY relented, and added the ability for you to add your own ingredients.

This will make building your own recipes much easier – when that special ingredient you like to use isn’t available, just add it yourself (it takes just a minute!), and you can use it in your recipes.

Add Ingredient Link

If you've never added an ingredient before, this help link appears. Click it for the option to add your own ingredient.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1:

In the Recipe Builder, search for the ingredient that you want to use.  If it is not in the database, the list of matches will be empty.  If the list of matches is empty, there will be a new box below the list of ingredients (see image at right).

If this is the first time that you’ve ever added an ingredient, it offers a “Get Help” link, which gives you some great tips on how to use the ingredient search.  And, after the tips, there is a link to add your own ingredient. Click that link to be taken to the “Add Ingredient” Page.

Add Ingredient Link

After you've added an ingredient before, we figure you know what you're doing, so you just get this "Add Ingredient" link.

(Note that AFTER you’ve added your own ingredient, we don’t make you jump through those same hoops to add another ingredient – it will just show you the “Add Ingredient” link, like the second screenshot shows).

Step 2:

Once you’ve clicked the link to “Add Ingredient”, you will be taken to the “Add Ingredient” page.

This page is designed to look just like a Nutrition Panel from most packages at the store, so putting the information in should be easy.

Take special note of the “Grams” box just to the right of the “Serving Size” information.  This is VERY useful information to have, so please do your best to enter it!

Add Ingredient

The page is designed to look like a nutritional panel so that it is easy to use.

Also, notice how on the right in the green box it shows you the nutritional makeup of that ingredient, including whether it’s balanced or not.

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2 Responses to Now you can Add Your Own Ingredients!

  1. Sayjay says:

    This sounds fantastic. Thanks! It sounds like the ingredients we add will only be available to the person who inputs them, correct? Put otherwise, when we add our own stuff, it won’t also be added to the main database that others access. Is that right?

  2. Cale says:

    You’ve got it exactly!

    However, we will occasionally review ingredients that are input that way, and if they ARE something that we believe would be valuable for other members, we will “approve” and make “public” the ingredient.

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