New Tools Launched

At FormulaZone, we listen closely to our members. As many members will tell you, we give fast, courteous responses to all of our e-mails. And, we often incorporate your suggestions, many times within a matter of hours or just a few days. So if you have a suggestion for us, please write us at: [email protected]. We welcome the ideas, and are working hard to make our members feel like a part of the community and our team.

Some of the new tools we have launched are a part of our own continuing improvements, and others are at the simple suggestion or request of our members. The point is for all of them to be useful for you.

Body Fat Calculator

Body Fat Calculator. Our most recent addition is the result of a request from a member. Not satisfied to just offer a Body Fat Calculator, we scoured our resources and found one that offers excellent accuracy and is still very simple to use. Plus, we tell you where you fall in the ranges of fitness based on your age and your body fat. To try it out, just go to the Body Fat Calculator page. Or, for members, once you log in it is available (as Body Fat Tool) in the link listing on the left side of most pages in FormulaZone.

Nutrition Label Analyzer

Nutrition Label Analyzer. Confused by those darned nutrition labels? Just want to know quickly if a packaged meal or other food is 40-30-30? Use the new Label Analyzer. It asks for information in the same format that you will find it on most nutrition labels, making it fast and easy to use. This tool is also available to members in the link listing on the left side of most pages in FormulaZone (after logging in).

Search Central

Search Central. Looking for something on FormulaZone? Search Central puts all of our searches together in one powerful location. Whether you want to search the Help files, look for a specific ingredient, or find something in the Discussion Forum, you can do it quickly with Search Central. Try it out by clicking Search Central, or members can just look at the link list on the left side of most pages.

Water Formula

Water Formula. Sure, we all know that we need to drink water, but do we know how much? We offer you a simple formula to give you a good baseline amount to drink. Plus, if you are a member (and you are logged in), the calculator figures it out for you! Remember, burning fat is a dehydrating process, so you need to make sure you stay hydrated- so drink lots of water!

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