Menu and Recipe Features Added

As the list of Recipes continues to grow in FormulaZone, the challenge of making it easier to sort through them does also. Because of this, we continue to look for ways to make FormulaZone better for all of our members.

Hide Recipe Feature.

One of our members suggested providing a way to “Hide” a recipe in the list. Say for example there is a recipe that you know you will never use (because of allergies, food preferences, or because you simply don’t like it). Why keep looking at it over and over when you know you will never use it?

Now you can click on the Hide link in the Recipe page (as well as in the View Recipe or View Packaged pages). This marks the recipe as hidden, so that when you look at the list of recipes, it does not show up. And, you can check the Show Hidden box in the Search Options area, and all recipes that you have marked as hidden will be listed- just in case you accidentally hid a recipe you want to use, or to occasionally peruse the recipes that you have hidden.

Favorites Of Feature.

Another member liked the Favorites count in each recipe, but wanted to be able to see that (and sort it) in the Recipes page. This bit of information is another indicator (besides the Rating) of how good the recipe is. If many people have a recipe marked as their favorite, then that recipe is probably better than another that has few (or no) people that have marked it as a favorite.

Beware! Of course this isn’t always true, because a brand new recipe will probably not be the favorite of very many people, while recipes that have been in FormulaZone longer have had more opportunity for more people to mark it as a favorite.

Now, in the Recipe page, there is a column titled Fav Of (short for Favorites Of). This shows you how many members have marked that recipe as their favorite. Plus, now you can sort on that column by clicking on the title Fav Of (clicking on it again will sort it in the other direction).

Printable Version (Menu) Feature.

And yet another member suggested that it would be useful to have a printable version of the Menu page. We have worked towards adding printable versions of pages, and this was just a page that we had not gotten to yet.

What does Printable Version mean? It means adding more space to the page by taking away the Link menu on the left of the page, removing the Buttons across the top of the page, and sometimes making the contents narrower to fit on a piece of paper. It also means removing shading from the page (for clarity), and removing extraneous links, as well as changing some links to plain text. Often there are other minor adjustments that are made to make the printed results better as well.

Now when you View a Menu you can use the View Printable Version link near the top of the page. This will present you with a version of the menu that is much more printer friendly, and looks much better on a piece of paper.

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