Making Your New Years Resolution Stick

Happy New Year! Hooray for the new year, and all of the hope and happiness that it promises to bring. We hope that last year was wonderful for you, and the new year is even better.

Many of us make promises to ourselves at the beginning of each year. The typical New Year Resolution. If you are like most, your resolutions include something about losing weight, eating health, or getting in better shape. And, if you are like most, these resolutions have a tendency of slipping away. But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can, with the right planning and approach, make 2004 a wonderful year in which you keep your resolutions.

How do you keep your resolution? How do you make this time different than the others? While ultimately it is up to you, try our tips and techniques- you will be equipped with tools that will help you succeed! For the sake of convenience, the rest of this article will be geared towards a goal of losing weight, however these techniques apply to all goals that you set for yourself.

Get out a piece of paper and a pen. As we go through these tips, take the time to write this down. The absolute best way to ensure you meet your goal is to make sure you understand it. And nothing beats writing it down and reading it. Something about writing it down, having it on paper, makes it a reality, and gives it importance.

Consider your motivation. The first step you should take is to think about your reason for losing weight. This may take time, but it is key to being successful. Ask yourself- why do I want to lose weight? Getting a firm understanding of exactly why you want to lose weight will help you find that mental and emotional space that keeps you motivated.

Write it down! Then read it to yourself- out loud. It can be more than one reason. In fact, it can be many. Having several reasons will give your goal more meaning. Revisit them often- you may find that your reasons change over time. If they do, write down the new or different reasons to keep them updated.

Set a goal. The hard truth may be difficult to face- but it’s OK. We’ll take it in smaller bites. Whether your goal is to lose 20 pounds or to lose 120, you need to find your final goal. Write it down- and remember that it can be in many forms. It can be a goal weight, a clothing size, or a measurement (such as waist or hips). Write it down! When you look at it, tell yourself out loud that you will reach that goal. Every time you look at the goal, tell yourself out loud. You will reach your goal!

Break it down. Break your final goal down into weekly mini-goals. Why do this? Because it gives you a sense of satisfaction when you meet your weekly goal. And, it is much easier to renew your commitment if you slip up when you look at your next weeks goal.

Be realistic! If your final goal is to lose a lot of weight, then you need to stay realistic. The medical experts will tell you that it is not realistic to lose more than 2 pounds per week, and that is probably true. However, there are many testimonies of members who have lost 3, 4, or even 5 pounds per week for many weeks. Just remember that as you approach your final goal, the weight loss will slow down. So, if you have 10 pounds to lose, your weekly mini-goal should be 2 pounds or so. If you have 40 pounds, your weekly mini-goal could be 4 pounds or so. It is tempting to set aggressive goals, but they only lead to disappointment, frustration, and eventually, quitting.

Keep your mini-goals realistic. Now, write them down. Yes, there may be many of them, but write them down. Imagine yourself halfway to your goal. Imagine how great it feels to have met your mini-goals, and to be halfway there!

Keep a log. On the same sheet of paper that you have written your mini-goals, set up a column in which you can write your progress down. Watching yourself succeed helps you stay motivated! And, if you find that you are not keeping up with your mini-goals, don’t despair. Re-evaluate them. Adjust them to be more realistic to your lifestyle, and write them down. Make sure you can achieve your goals- remember to be realistic!

Seek Support. If you find that your mini-goals are not being met, or that you have a particularly difficult time with a certain time of day, a certain day of the week, a certain food, or anything else, then Seek support. Whether you request support in the Discussion Forum, request support from us via e-mail, or seek support from your spouse, make sure you find the support you need. You don’t have to settle for the first answer that you are given, either! If it doesn’t work, it isn’t your fault- it just means that you may need another way to overcome the challenge!

You can do it! And we are here to help. You don’t have to be the expert- that’s why we are here. The staff at FormulaZone has one goal: to do everything we can to help you succeed. Our members are just like you- they want you to succeed, too!

So make your resolution. Invest a few minutes in it, write down your goal and your plan, and you will succeed. You can do it!

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