Making Recipes that Make it into Our Database

We see many delicious recipes submitted for approval to be shared with our members. We appreciate all you great chefs! It’s great to see what works for each of you and your willingness to share these culinary delights with all our members. They don’t have to be fancy or exotic to make it into our database. They can be great on-the-go snacks or lunch box creations, or they can be those exotic or gourmet or family favorites. We also love to see those kid friendly recipes too.

One of the important criteria we do look for is that they are unique to our database which includes thousands of recipes.

We encourage you to keep creating all the recipes you want to include in your eating plan! You can save all and any you like and use to your private section. You can incorporate them into your menu planner along with selections from our database.

Then when you create that unique, special one that we all “gotta have”…please send it in for review so we can approve it for all or members to enjoy!

Thanks and keep creating!

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