Known issue with Profile / Preferences

UPDATE: This issue was resolved on July 11, 2012 at 10:00 AM (MST).

Our sincere apologies! We were in the middle of enhancing the Profile to allow your Partner’s profile to be entered separately, and before we were complete some of the files got put on the server – which means that the Preferences and Profile are NOT working as they should.

We are on it, and will have it corrected within the next 24 hours. Per our 14x guarantee, everyone who is a member during this issue will receive 2 weeks of free membership to thank you for our patience.

Thank you!

4 Responses to Known issue with Profile / Preferences

  1. Mary Havens says:

    I really dont want my husband on here anymore.So if he can be removed and all my recipes will just be for me. Thanks Looking good

  2. Cale says:

    Hi Mary:

    Thank you for being a member of FormulaZone!

    That’s a simple request! All you would do is go to your Menu Preferences, and under “Family Style”, select “No” to turn it off. When you do, all of your recipes will still be there, but they will all automatically be sized properly just for you!

  3. James says:

    Good Morning. I have recently noticed that the menus are not properly setting my breakfast lunch and dinner targets. Snack targets are properly displaying but the the oters are all showing 266 as the target, even though they are set at 400 each. Is this related to the issue above?

  4. Cale says:


    After tracking this down for a while, we DID in fact find an issue that was causing some problems – and very likely causing the issue you described. I’m hoping you will take a look, and let us know if in fact it is working the way it should for you.

    And, to let all of our members know, we’re updating everyone’s membership for a free MONTH for being so helpful and patient during this time!

    Thank you!

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