How to Make Your Shopping List Easier to Manage

Some members are wondering if there is a way to simplify their shopping list. Our recipes are submitted by staff and members, so each of us has their favorite ingredients or take on a recipe. Some of us use non-fat milk, some use 4% cottage cheese and some use specific brand name products. Once you understand the way the 40-30-30 ratio works, you can begin to simplify your shopping list and make minor adjustments. If you are seeing 4 or 5 different milks listed, you can safely buy one kind, like 1% or 2%, and when the recipe calls for 1% or regular milk, you can add a nut or two or a little healthy oil. If your shopping list has several different ground beef percentages, say 95% lean, 85/15%, you can make adjustments and buy one kind of ground beef, being sure to make those adjustments by omitting or adding a small amount of other fats in the recipe.

It takes a bit of knowledge and know how, but as you become familiar with how 40-30-30 works, and become tuned in to your body, you will see how easy it is to stay balanced.

Another way to simplify your shopping list is to create those first menus with fewer choices. If you typically eat the same breakfast every day, that will cut down on the number of different items you need to buy. If you find a favorite dinner recipe, double up during the week. If you have the computer automatically generate your menu, you can use the filters provided to make selections.

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