Food for Thought

Whenever you pick up a can, bottle, jar, box, bag or other container of processed food, you will see “best if used by” or “use by” date somewhere on that container. It stands to reason that the food manufacturer wants their product edible when you consume it. Some products have a shelf life 2 years out. Rumor has it that a fellow pulled an old jacket from his closet and reached into the pocket to discover a fast food hamburger he had put in there several years prior. There was no decay and it appeared that the burger was well preserved.

With that in mind, consider your body; specifically your digestive system, which is responsible for processing what you eat, breaking it down into the nutrients your body needs.

Your body is fighting a battle to break down this food that the food manufacturers have so diligently added preservatives to to give their products longer shelf lives. It is important to understand that your body produces digestive enzymes to break down what you eat.

To help your body digest your food, it would be very beneficial to eat whole foods, or very minimally processed foods as rule rather than the exception.

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