Exactly What We are Looking for In a New Recipe Submission

We get excited when we see a new recipe submitted to be reviewed to share with the other members. We have certain criteria when we look at that recipe.

1. It should be made from wholesome ingredients:
Good fats – olive oil, smart spreads (no margarines with trans-fats)
Lean meat sources
Wild caught fish
Fresh or fresh frozen vegetables
Whole natural grains instead of packaged seasoned grain/pasta mixes
Fresh fruits
Minimally processed ingredients (if you must)

2. Try to use the natural flavors of the ingredients. Fresh strawberries should NOT need added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

3. Many foods contain natural sodium, so a lot of extra salt should be used with caution.

4. Bottled salad dressings often contain hidden additives, fillers and preservatives. It would be better to use a bit of olive oil, lemon juice, vinegar and herbs.

5.  Try making recipes from “perimeter shopping” ingredients.  Perimeter shopping means avoiding the center isles of the supermarket where the processed and canned items are found.  I also do a lot of my shopping the “no bar code” way.  This literally means fresh cuts of meat and fish, fresh fruits and vegetables.  However, I also purchase fresh frozen fruits and vegetables with no preservatives or additives.

6.  We are looking for lower glycemic recipes, but will also definitely consider medium glycemic as well.

7.  We have a plethora of  cottage cheese and fruit recipes, and egg, cheese and bean breakfast burritos.  We have a bunch of meat and cheese sandwiches, and tuna and egg salads.  We are now looking for those recipes with a spin or unique recipes.

So, if you have those yummy family recipes, unique ethnic recipes, creative ingredient recipes or favorite restaurant recipes you want to take on and enter and submit, we want them!

You can of course continue to create ANY recipes you want with ANY ingredients you want, and save them in your PRIVATE section for you to use and include in your menus.

2 Responses to Exactly What We are Looking for In a New Recipe Submission

  1. Mark says:

    I have a bunch – can someone help assist with “Zone” approving them?

  2. Cale says:

    Hi Mark:

    We are happy to help!

    The best way to get help with a specific recipe is to e-mail us, and provide the link to the recipe that you’d like help with. We are then able to see it, and can suggest revisions, additions, or adjustments to make it balance.

    We hope to see some e-mails from you with some of your new recipes!

    Thank you!

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