Facing our shortcomings is often a hard thing to do. Many of us make excuses for the prediciments we create. In the case of obesity there are many responses to the often cruel and hurtful comments that others make. It’s a glandular problem. It’s hereditary. It runs in the family. I am a stress eater. Look at the art of the Renaissance, those women were plump. I feel great even though I am a few pounds overweight.

Those of us who are, or who have been overweight react to these comments on several levels. We try to ignore them, but are deeply hurt and internalize them. This leads to self-pity and starts the downward spiral of eating to comfort the pain. We try to rationalize why we are overweight, and again may seek the comfort of food to justify the rationalization. We make excuses and make a pact with ourselves to really try to diet….just as soon as things get better….maybe next week.

Many overweight people are in denial. Whether we want to believe it or not, it is true. Denial is a defensive strategy to minimize anxiety. Denial is the refusal to believe or accept reality. Denial is NOT a river in Egypt.

The reality is that obesity kills. Every year 300,000 people die from complications of obesity. The CDC reports that obesity has a direct connection to congestive heart failure, coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, complications of pregnancy, poor bladder control, and respiratory problems. The Department of Health Services reports that almost 65% of adults and more than 26% of children are overweight. These statistics are underestimated because overweight people tend to underestimate their weight. Parents even tend to overlook their overweight children, and children are often rewarded with food. Affluency is often equated with the abundance and availability of food, and people often overindulge as a result.

Reality is sometimes painful, but look at the alternative. Once we face the reality we can identify the steps to overcome the problem. Then it becomes do-able.

My advice….the sooner you come to terms with the denial the sooner you will be able to face the reality and conquer your obesity. Sit down today and have a talk with yourself…you can do it!

Editor’s Comments: Nancy Inglehart took the denial bull by the horns in March 2003, and by the end of November 2003 has lost over 120 pounds with The Zone. Her interest in The Zone motivated her to take a certification course so that she could help others as well. Nancy is a real-life example of what you can do if you are willing to face your situation.

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