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Paleo and You

Simply put eating paleo is eating like our hunter/gatherer ancestors. This eliminates any processed/prepared foods, so to speak. Our ancestors ate game and fish, gathered greens and vegetables, fruits, berries, tubers and nuts. They also ate eggs. The beverage of choice was water. We are the only species on this planet that drinks milk after… Read the Full Article

Happy New Year 2014

As the new year approaches, we count our blessings. And one of the greatest that we have is all of our wonderful members. Thank you so much for being a member of FormulaZone. To thank you, we’ve extended everyone’s membership by 3 months. If you were a member between December 20 and December 28, 2013,… Read the Full Article

Set Yourself Up for Success ~ Set SMART Goals

To be successful in anything you do you should set goals. It is important that your goals are realistic. If you are following 40-30-30 for the purpose of losing weight, remember, most likely you didn’t go to bed your ideal weight and wake up the next morning overweight. If you are following 40-30-30 to stay… Read the Full Article

There’s Food and Then There’s Food

Let’s face it, we live in America, Land of Plenty. We have become used to convenience, and quick affordable food products. We are a busy society. But at what cost? The food industry has created and conveniently packaged, what Michael Pollan calls “food-like-substances”. They look like food, and they even taste like food, but they… Read the Full Article

Weight Loss Update – Air, White Tea, and Calcium

Calcium, air intake, and white tea all linked to weight loss and obesity.

Why We Don’t Do Atkins

The Atkins Diet is a diet developed by Dr. Atkins. It has some strong appeal to many people for many reasons. How Does it Work? The basic idea is that you get to eat as much as you want, as long as you eliminate carbohydrates. It sounds appealing to people who love steak, eggs, and… Read the Full Article

Keeping New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year! Hooray for the new year, and all of the hope and happiness that it promises to bring. We hope that last year was wonderful for you, and the new year is even better. Resolutions, anyone? Many of us make promises to ourselves at the beginning of each year. The typical New Year… Read the Full Article

White Paper: Getting The Most From FormulaZone

FormulaZone. Whether you are seeking to lose fat, gain muscle, or continue your journey with the Zone Diet, a nutrition program that you know is right, we are here to help. Are you getting all you can from FormulaZone? There are many tools that are here to help you. The more that you use, the… Read the Full Article

True Tales of a Diabetes Seminar

I recently had the opportunity to attend a seminar on Diabetes and the Diabetic Diet. I was amazed at the information, or I should say misinformation, that was presented. Misinformation: I learned that insulin was produced in the liver and stored in the pancreas. Reality: Insulin is produced in the pancreas, specifically in the islets… Read the Full Article

Debunking The Zone Diet

Have you ever attended a “diet” seminar? FormulaZone recently attended one presented by a dietician with respectable credentials. We were drawn to the seminar by the flyer that was sent to us, suggesting that this seminar would answer all of our questions about The Zone, Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, and other popular diets. Over… Read the Full Article