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Exclusive: FormulaZone Members get NutriVersity for Free

Note: This promotion is expired / no longer active effective Sept 1, 2019 After being on the web for over 15 years, we’ve learned some great lessons with FormulaZone.  And that’s what inspired the all-new site nutrition site, NutriVersity.  With powerful features, an easy to use interface, and more flexibility around diet and nutrition, NutriVersity… Read the Full Article

Separate Profiles for You and Your Partner!

We’re excited to announce that the long-requested ability to have a separate profile for you AND your partner is finally here! Here’s how it works: If you have turned on “Family Style” (in your Meal Preferences), then when you are in Profile, you will see a new drop-down: That dropdown lets you choose whether the… Read the Full Article

Known issue with Profile / Preferences

UPDATE: This issue was resolved on July 11, 2012 at 10:00 AM (MST). Our sincere apologies! We were in the middle of enhancing the Profile to allow your Partner’s profile to be entered separately, and before we were complete some of the files got put on the server – which means that the Preferences and… Read the Full Article

Copy Recipe Feature Released!

Thank you to all of our beta testers – we’re finally able to release the Copy Recipe feature. Copying a recipe is simple. And once you do, that copy is your own – and you can add ingredients, edit ingredients and remove ingredients to your heart’s content. To copy a recipe, simply View any recipe…. Read the Full Article

Testers Wanted for New Copy/Edit Recipe Feature

We’ve got a new feature that is in beta, and we’d love to have a few people test it out before we release it for public use. Have you ever seen a recipe and thought “I’d like that, but I’d really like to change a couple of things”? Or, had a recipe that you thought… Read the Full Article

Now you can Add Your Own Ingredients!

You’ve been asking.  (And asking.  And asking!).  And we’ve FINALLY relented, and added the ability for you to add your own ingredients. This will make building your own recipes much easier – when that special ingredient you like to use isn’t available, just add it yourself (it takes just a minute!), and you can use… Read the Full Article

Progress Log Released

So, you’re following the Zone nutrition program. Excellent! And, you’ve got your goal weight set up. Wonderful. Now wouldn’t it be nice to track your weight progress regularly to see how you are doing? We thought you might, so we designed the Progress Log in FormulaZone. It’s simple to use – just enter the date,… Read the Full Article

Menu and Recipe Features Added

As the list of Recipes continues to grow in FormulaZone, the challenge of making it easier to sort through them does also. Because of this, we continue to look for ways to make FormulaZone better for all of our members. Hide Recipe Feature. One of our members suggested providing a way to “Hide” a recipe in… Read the Full Article