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Separate Profiles for You and Your Partner!

We’re excited to announce that the long-requested ability to have a separate profile for you AND your partner is finally here! Here’s how it works: If you have turned on “Family Style” (in your Meal Preferences), then when you are in Profile, you will see a new drop-down: That dropdown lets you choose whether the… Read the Full Article

Website Outage on Easter

Dearest FormulaZone members, I sincerely apologize. FormulaZone was down part of the day Easter Sunday. While hopefully it did not interfere with most of you, I know that there are some of you that did have problems, and I truly apologize. Per our 14x guarantee, I’ve extended your membership for two weeks at no charge… Read the Full Article

Learning How to Eat Well

Our Most Common Requests Many members ask if we can add this ingredient or that ingredient, or tell us that their brand of cottage cheese is not exactly like our cottage cheese. Our ingredient database includes many generic foods to choose from. We also have added many specific foods that members have suggested. Taking the… Read the Full Article

We Need Your Feedback!

The recipe list keeps growing! We are approaching a thousand Meals. A thousand! It’s fantastic- there are so many wonderful choices. Nearly a thousand meals designed specifically to be Zone friendly. It makes eating in the Zone a pleasure! With that many meals, it can be difficult to find recipes that you would like to… Read the Full Article

White Paper: Getting The Most From FormulaZone

FormulaZone. Whether you are seeking to lose fat, gain muscle, or continue your journey with the Zone Diet, a nutrition program that you know is right, we are here to help. Are you getting all you can from FormulaZone? There are many tools that are here to help you. The more that you use, the… Read the Full Article

White Paper: How to Build a Menu

One of FormulaZone’s greatest strengths is the Menu Planner. To give the Menu Planner the power that it has, we have filled it with features. The downside of the power and number of features is that it is not always obvious how it works. Here we go through a complete list of What the Menu… Read the Full Article

New Tools Launched

At FormulaZone, we listen closely to our members. As many members will tell you, we give fast, courteous responses to all of our e-mails. And, we often incorporate your suggestions, many times within a matter of hours or just a few days. So if you have a suggestion for us, please write us at: [email protected] We… Read the Full Article

Getting Started with the Zone Diet

Six Simple Steps to Success One of the most common complaints about the Zone Diet is that it is complicated, and hard to get started. We have assembled a “getting started” checklist of things to do in order to get started easily, and to make the diet as easy as possible! So start now. That’s… Read the Full Article