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Separate Profiles for You and Your Partner!

We’re excited to announce that the long-requested ability to have a separate profile for you AND your partner is finally here! Here’s how it works: If you have turned on “Family Style” (in your Meal Preferences), then when you are in Profile, you will see a new drop-down: That dropdown lets you choose whether the… Read the Full Article

Known issue with Profile / Preferences

UPDATE: This issue was resolved on July 11, 2012 at 10:00 AM (MST). Our sincere apologies! We were in the middle of enhancing the Profile to allow your Partner’s profile to be entered separately, and before we were complete some of the files got put on the server – which means that the Preferences and… Read the Full Article

Profile Calories Easier to Use

As part of our ongoing effort to bring you the most powerful website available, we’ve made a serious overhaul to your Profile page. Some of the features include: The big change is that you may now enter your own calories. But keep reading… The page automatically adjusts your suggested ideal weight as you make changes… Read the Full Article

Your Calories on FormulaZone

FormulaZone uses medical-standard formulas for calculating required calories per day. Then, those calories are adjusted up or down depending upon your activity level, your weight-loss (or gain) goal, and the ideal weight that you enter. This makes FormulaZone completely customized to you. Since FormulaZone is so customized, there are a variety of factors that affect… Read the Full Article

We Need Your Feedback!

The recipe list keeps growing! We are approaching a thousand Meals. A thousand! It’s fantastic- there are so many wonderful choices. Nearly a thousand meals designed specifically to be Zone friendly. It makes eating in the Zone a pleasure! With that many meals, it can be difficult to find recipes that you would like to… Read the Full Article

White Paper: Getting The Most From FormulaZone

FormulaZone. Whether you are seeking to lose fat, gain muscle, or continue your journey with the Zone Diet, a nutrition program that you know is right, we are here to help. Are you getting all you can from FormulaZone? There are many tools that are here to help you. The more that you use, the… Read the Full Article