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Food for Thought

Whenever you pick up a can, bottle, jar, box, bag or other container of processed food, you will see “best if used by” or “use by” date somewhere on that container. It stands to reason that the food manufacturer wants their product edible when you consume it. Some products have a shelf life 2 years… Read the Full Article

Drinking Your Vegetables or Fruit?

There seems to be a new surge of marketing for V8 and other vegetable-based drinks. And while there may be worse options for a drink, generally speaking it’s a bad idea to drink your calories, and drinking your vegetables or fruit is counter-productive. Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Not Drink Your Vegetables Reason #1:… Read the Full Article

Nutella – A Consumer Awareness Article

All I can say is “Wow!” With a 5 year old in my house, when the TV show cut to a Nutella® commercial, I was curious: A mom was in the kitchen saying Nutella® is a great and nutritious way to get her kids to eat breakfast, She spreads it on “whole grain” bread or… Read the Full Article


Broccoli is a member of the cabbage family. It is known as a cruciferous vegetable which has been noted to have cancer-fighting properties. Broccoli can be eaten raw or cooked. Recipes use it steamed, roasted, sauteed and raw. It can be equally tasty in raw appetizer trays, slow cooked, stir fried, and even as an… Read the Full Article

The Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen

An advocacy non-profit group, The Environmental Working Group has updated its list of the top twelve fruits and vegetables most contaminated with pesticides. It is important to include a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet and it is also equally important to eat fresh natural produce.  Unfortunately modern agribusiness has made it common… Read the Full Article

Smart Shopping Tips to Help You Save Money

We have had comments that “this is too expensive”, or “we can’t find an ingredient locally”. We’ve got some tips for keeping costs down: Use the Weekly Supermarket Ad One sure way to help control the cost of weekly groceries is to take a look through your supermarket’s weekly ad specials. With pen and paper… Read the Full Article

Kitchen Essentials For Success

Whether you are new to the Zone, or have been following it for some time, you might think that some of the measurements in our Zone Diet Recipes are a bit specific. We’ve got a three responses for this: One, for the recipe to be scaled to you, and for it to remain balanced, we… Read the Full Article

Are Fully Hydrogenated Oils Trans Fats?

Are fully hydrogenated oils considered trans fat? The answer is: No! I was walking down the supermarket isles a couple of months back and a food label caught my eye. It was for Crisco Shortening Sticks. The label boldly stated “NO TRANS FATS”. I had always understood that hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils were trans… Read the Full Article

Too Busy to Cook? Zone Diet Delivery and Other Options

If you don’t have time to cook, but you do want to stay healthy, what are your choices? Least Expensive: Packaged Meals Plenty of packaged meals are 40-30-30. FormulaZone provides a list of 40-30-30 Balanced Packaged Meals, including Frozen Dinners that work great for lunch or dinner, as well as many Zone Lunches that don’t… Read the Full Article

Convenience Foods: At What Cost?

Convenience foods, are they really worth the convenience? This article will explore the dangers of pre-cooked and readi-pack convenience foods and offer some ways to prepare your own alternatives. Pre-cooked chicken strips cost over $10.00 per pound and contain additives and preservatives. You can prepare you own by purchasing boneless skinless chicken breasts or tenders,… Read the Full Article