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There’s Food and Then There’s Food

Let’s face it, we live in America, Land of Plenty. We have become used to convenience, and quick affordable food products. We are a busy society. But at what cost? The food industry has created and conveniently packaged, what Michael Pollan calls “food-like-substances”. They look like food, and they even taste like food, but they… Read the Full Article

Too Busy to Cook? Zone Diet Delivery and Other Options

If you don’t have time to cook, but you do want to stay healthy, what are your choices? Least Expensive: Packaged Meals Plenty of packaged meals are 40-30-30. FormulaZone provides a list of 40-30-30 Balanced Packaged Meals, including Frozen Dinners that work great for lunch or dinner, as well as many Zone Lunches that don’t… Read the Full Article

Balance Bar Glycemic Index Confusion

Balance Bars. They are a great snack when you are on the go, or to keep in your desk drawer at work for those afternoon cravings. How are they for you, though? They ARE Most are balanced. Their traditional bars, as well as their GoMix, are all balanced. They do have a few new lines,… Read the Full Article

White Paper: Getting The Most From FormulaZone

FormulaZone. Whether you are seeking to lose fat, gain muscle, or continue your journey with the Zone Diet, a nutrition program that you know is right, we are here to help. Are you getting all you can from FormulaZone? There are many tools that are here to help you. The more that you use, the… Read the Full Article