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There’s Food and Then There’s Food

Let’s face it, we live in America, Land of Plenty. We have become used to convenience, and quick affordable food products. We are a busy society. But at what cost? The food industry has created and conveniently packaged, what Michael Pollan calls “food-like-substances”. They look like food, and they even taste like food, but they… Read the Full Article

Straight Talk About Fast Foods

What are the pros and cons of fast foods. How do they measure up to 40-30-30? Is it really worth the effort?

Help! – I’m Eating Out!

As a Zone instructor I am often asked how to stay in the Zone when eating out. Many people do very well while making their own recipes, cooking their own food, or eating prepared foods that are balanced, but when it comes to a menu in a restaurant or the summer backyard barbecues some Zoners… Read the Full Article

The Hazards of Trans Fats

Do you eat margarine? How about hydrogenated vegetable oil (or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil)? Shortening? Packaged foods? How about fast food? You would be surprised at how much of these seemingly innocent foods you are eating – and they are bad news. They are what are known as “trans fats”. Packaged cookies, crackers, fast food… Read the Full Article