By Invitation Only — FormulaZone 2.0

We are unveiling an all-new site based on the lessons we have learned from FormulaZone. Instead of FormulaZone, we’re calling it NutriVersity.

We expect to have the initial private launch on September 2, and we are inviting people like you – who promise to give us feedback and help us make the best site possible.

If you are interested in being one of the very few people allowed access to the site, please head over to NutriVersity now and sign-up for the newsletter.

What’s in it for you? Help us out now, and your basic membership will be free for life, and when we introduce premium features, they will be made available to you at a discount.

So visit NutriVersity today and sign up for the e-mail newsletter.  We hope to see you there!

Fair warning:

  1. We don’t have a pretty exterior yet!  We have been focused on building a solid foundation of features, and haven’t yet put the lipstick on everything – so the look and feel may change.
  2. While the site will be far easier to use and have for more power, right now it does not support multiple profiles (aka “Family Style”).  You’re still welcome to join, even if you use Family Style – just be aware it’s not available yet (but will be shortly after launch).
  3. The site does not have many recipes at all at the moment.  We’re hoping you will help by adding your favorites, and testing out the features of the all-new site.
  4. The “Allergen” features of the site are in-progress (and WAY cooler than FormulaZone’s), but not yet complete.  If allergens are an important consideration for you, this might not be the right time to sign up.

What’s Exciting:

  1. The ingredient library – while not as complete yet – is far more powerful, and will be easier to maintain in the future.
  2. The recipe builder should feel familiar, but better!
  3. The recipe search is easier to use – and more fun!
  4. The menu building process is also easier to use, and much more fun!
  5. You aren’t locked in to our definition of 40-30-30.  You can go Crossfit-style and change your requirements to 35-35-30, or you can exclude trans-fat, or you can limit sodium – there’s lots of options for defining your diet your way.
  6. The plans for upcoming features are exciting, and will help to make the site the best out there.  And we’d love for you to be a part of it!


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  1. Patty Banks says:

    I’d be interested in providing feedback on your new site. It’s a big improvement over the formula Zone in terms of usability and a more modern look and feel. Are you still offering a free membership ? I’m very familiar with how to test and document website bugs !

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