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FormulaZone is Shutting Down

We are sad to announce that effective December 2020, FormulaZone will be shutting down. What does this mean? Effective Sept 1, 2020, we are no longer accepting new members, and existing members can no longer renew their membership. We stopped accepting longer-term memberships earlier in the year, and have been phasing them out so that… Read the Full Article

NutriVersity Is Shutting Down

We’re sad to announce that in the beginning of December 2019, NutriVersity will be shutting down. The site simply doesn’t get enough use to warrant keeping it active, so we will be notifying active members, and closing down the site. Thank you to all of you who participated, and helped try to get NutriVersity to… Read the Full Article

Exclusive: FormulaZone Members get NutriVersity for Free

Note: This promotion is expired / no longer active effective Sept 1, 2019 After being on the web for over 15 years, we’ve learned some great lessons with FormulaZone.  And that’s what inspired the all-new site nutrition site, NutriVersity.  With powerful features, an easy to use interface, and more flexibility around diet and nutrition, NutriVersity… Read the Full Article

By Invitation Only — FormulaZone 2.0

We are unveiling an all-new site based on the lessons we have learned from FormulaZone. Instead of FormulaZone, we’re calling it NutriVersity. We expect to have the initial private launch on September 2, and we are inviting people like you – who promise to give us feedback and help us make the best site possible…. Read the Full Article

The Truth About Nutrition Bars

Low carb, net carbs, high protein, complete nutrition, no trans fats, power, balanced These are just some of the descriptions of all the food bars currently on the market. I recently researched and collected data on the many bars available in my area. The facts may surprise you! (Click to view the chart) I will… Read the Full Article