Learning How to Eat Well

Our Most Common Requests

Many members ask if we can add this ingredient or that ingredient, or tell us that their brand of cottage cheese is not exactly like our cottage cheese.

Our ingredient database includes many generic foods to choose from. We also have added many specific foods that members have suggested.

Taking the Time to Learn

FormulaZone is a place where you can learn about healthy living and make a transition from reliance upon fast and convenience foods to preparing fresh whole foods. During that learning process you can learn to make subtle adjustments and understand that although a specific brand of a food may have a slightly different carb-protein-fat profile, close is okay. Obviously there is a distinct difference between non-fat, low-fat and full fat dairy products, but if you compare the labels of the store brand, Lucerne, Dannon, Yoplait, you will find that they are quite similar.

Many brands of products are specific to certain regions or certain grocery stores and are not widely available. So, again, the learning process, if the ingredient is not exactly the same, find one very similar and it is okay to substitute. I might buy Dave’s Killer Bread in Portland (a local company) but you might buy Orowheat from your local food chain. I simply compare my label with Bread, whole grain, in the database and see what’s close enough.

What? It’s not 40-30-30?

No recipe will be exactly 40-30-30, even if it says it is 40-30-30 because every time you measure and prepare something, measurements are not exact and can vary each time you make something, So the balance might be 39-31-30 one time and 42-27-31 the next time.

Giving You the Tools

Most people join FormulaZone to either lose unwanted weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our goal at FormulaZone is to provide you with the tools to do just that. We understand that our members come from many backgrounds, but they ultimately have a common goal: To get healthy.

It’s Worth the Effort

There is no easy solution, but we hope that the learning process will get you to a place where you can understand how foods affect your health and how you can make good choices, hopefully reaching a place where you can eat less prepared convenience foods and more healthy whole foods.

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